UV-C Air Purification

The Discovery of UV Light

Both industrial facilities and household objects require an optimal indoor climate to bring comfort to people who live or work there. Our company offers the most efficient technology of atmosphere cleansing — the UVC air purification system. Ultraviolet irradiation with UV-C sub-band is used for destroying harmful cells and bacteria and does not bring a negative effect on human health.

The air is purified effectively in a harmless way in comparison with more aggressive UV-A and UV-B light-originated techniques. Oxytec systems are made to simplify the life of people and provide them necessary conditions for living through the installation of UV air purifier models.

The Best UV Air Purifiers — How Do They Work?

The ultraviolet light that is used for air purification in the Oxytec systems allows getting the maximum cleansing effect. The filtration process is risk-free because it detects and deactivates malignant microorganisms and viruses without risks of users’ sunburns and skin cancer development.

The UV-C air purification process starts with air admission into the special internal chamber. This inflow is treated by ultraviolet light to clean the air from useless particles, bacterial microorganisms that cause infections, viruses, and other respiratory illnesses. It is worth noting some prime aspects of UV disinfection and purification our cleaning systems provide consumers with:

  1. You can’t see the light necessary for UV-C disinfection because it is not discharged into the room.
  2. The intensity of the disinfection UV purifiers provide our clients which is enough to prevent mold and mildew spore development in the living accommodations and industrial objects.
  3. UV cleaners presented in the Oxytec catalogs contain the modernist air filtration systems that allow reducing harmful particle content in the air to the minimum level.
UV-C Air Purification Benefits

All available models are eco-friendly that makes them appropriate both for home-based use and installation withing industrial objects. UV-light disinfection reduces virus and other bacterial microorganism contamination in the air. Oxytec purifiers include cell-destroying ability that is on-demand in conditions of bag ecology nowadays. Besides effectiveness against air impurities, there other advantages to take into consideration:

  •  A powerful form of UV-radiation is harmless to people.
  • The UV-C purification technology kills almost all the pollutants in the atmosphere and prevents respiratory illnesses of virus nature.
  • Short-wave ultraviolet light is invisible for purification systems’ owners. As air flows are forced through the purifying device, sunburns and other side effects are excluded.
  • Cleansing systems absorb pet-hair and dandruff particles that can cause allergic reactions.
  • Odor elimination is a supplementary benefit to take into account. Our clients notice that the air in their houses became fresher.
Oxytec — a Reliable Assistant for Your Respiratory Health

We hope that you know the correct answer to the question: “Are UV air purifiers safe?”. We offer production items that improve your respiratory health and have a positive impact on the ecological conditions of any establishment. Oxytec UV-based purification systems carefully disinfect the air, water, other surfaces (wood, metal, Osram glass, etc.).

We provide consumers with qualitative technologies. Our catalogs include ultimate cleansing units that are more affordable than models of other top-ranking brands (Puritec HNS UV-C, Levot, Coway). Start your hygiene management today and breathe fresh air with our UV-C air purification systems. Purchase necessary add-ons for your health at attractive prices.

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