Ozone Disinfection

We are what we eat, we are what we breathe. It is difficult to disagree with this statement because respiratory health is important for our comfortable living as the food we prefer to take every day. Air cleansing is a must for people nowadays – more and more people see a reason to buy an air purifier. Ozone-generating devices are one of the most in-demand models for air filtration. Additionally, these purifying models remove various odors that are mandatory both for home use and industrial objects.

Ozone Air Purifier – the Mode of Operation

The key concept of the modern ozone-based cleaning technology is an ozone reaction with the third oxygen molecule attachment. Ozone that is considered as the strongest germicide is released into the air and deals immediately with any kind of atmospheric pollution. Besides the air, other external parts of the room are purified.

Consumers can install ozone purification systems in any living or non-living premises. Most of the purchasers accommodate their basements with Enerzen, Uvonair, Enaly ozone air purifier models to cope with damp that usually attack walls and ruin buildings. Having implemented this technology at home or in the office, on the territory of production capacities or chemical facilities, customers get fresh air free from unhealthy premises and other pollutants.

Ozone Air Purification Benefits

Ozone disinfection is extremely performant for residents of megalopolises where there are numerous plants, enormous traffic, and other non-eco friendly aspects of life. Oxytec makes a specialty out of air purification technologies. We know everything about fresh air and how ozone purifiers can handle a situation with climate indoors.

Our company provides customers with qualitative models that aim to freshen air through ozone-based filtration. The prime advantage of such purification systems is their effective capability to remove unpleasant odors. For example, ozone room air purifiers are a must for smoking zones to reduce smokescreens, tobacco smells, and other malodors. Additionally, any ozone-based purifying system is recommended for industrial objects to do away with airborne chemical offensive scent. Both consumer-grade and commercial-grade models remove long-lasting odors like:

  • marijuana smell;
  • putrid smell 
  • stuffy (dead) air, etc.

Ozone from air purifiers kills contaminants that provoke mold development in several minutes. This kind of filtration is efficient against dangerous pollutants such as bacteria cells, harmful microorganisms, viruses. Besides the atmosphere, it oxidizes any surfaces to eliminate mildew, oxalic acids, heavy metals, and pesticides that damage human respiratory health.   

Ozone air purifier side effects

In comparison with other filters and ionizers, the innovative ozone-generating air purifier device uses natural risk-free technology. Nevertheless, high concentrations of ozone during the filtration process require to leave the room for a while when purification is proceeding. This is the only discomfort for users.

It is worth noting that some allergens cannot be removed through ozone generators. But the ozone-based technology lines up with pre-filters and the UV-C air purifier – ozone ionizer models accompanied with OSRAM ultraviolet lamps or other appliances produce maximal effect eliminating about 99% of allergic agents, fungus and pollen cells.  

Oxytec Technology Introduction for Your Health

We are a modern technology-proficient company that aspires to help our clients to do away with annoying odors, allergens, and dangerous indoor pollutants. We provide high-grade purifying devices for houses, manufacturing objects, laboratories, various plants. Oxygen aims to become your reliable assistant when it comes to fresh air provision.

Our specialists are ready to consult willing clients and advise the most optimal way of air, water, and surface purification. We take into account all the physical parameters and external factors that affect the atmosphere and the way of the air cleansing (humidity, pH, temperature). Ozone-based filtration is one of the most forcible ways to bring fresh ventilating air indoors and give you an exceptional opportunity to breathe freely.

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