Membrane Technology

Every living creature and plant on our planet needs water to live. People cannot always drink clean water, so this leads to numerous diseases and death. Modern megalopolises offer the latest membrane technologies to deliver purified water to residents' homes. But not all systems remove harmful macromolecules from the liquid that enters our apartments, houses, or industrial use. Such water is safe for our body but there are very small percentages of various salts and impurities.

We need clean water for drink or desalination. But for many people, installing additional equipment for filtering water from a tap or buying small portable cleaning systems are real problems. With the appearance of membrane technology, humanity can allow drinking pure water because the application of such a filter is easy for any home. 

This system allows you to process water and remove all kinds of harmful particles from it, but large equipment can be expensive. Our company knows all the details about membrane technology and could give you clean water to save you money.

What is Membrane Technology?

Doctors and nutritionists advise us to drink purified water, but how to get it and not to spend a lot of money? There are many powerful filters, however, their purchase and installation can be quite expensive. Water membrane technology is the best solution because it has high efficiency and a reasonable price. The water supply system is not completely purified, it contains:

  • salts;
  • rust (from pipes);
  • chlorine;
  • organic;
  • infections etc.

Our company provides qualitative membrane technology that allows you to purify home or industrial use water to remove harmful components. This system is based on small particles that are located on a plate inside the filter. Every harmful element flows in front of the net, and water passes on.

Types and Constructions of Membranes

Membrane technology purification – is a simple system that has small flakes on a plate through which water seeps. The pores of these flakes are very small; they stop all harmful elements from any incoming liquid. Specially membranes for filters can be made of different materials: polymer sealing or ceramic with a rigid structure.

Membrane Filtration Technology

Such technology involves the removal of harmful components from water using a specific plate of special material. This filter in these types of cleaners stops rather larger elements (macromolecules, microbes, bacteria). But there is also a process of ultrafiltration where the size of the protective cells is smaller and the membrane technology purification of the water will be better. 

Polluting harmful substances will not get into the final tank with water but such membrane technology differs in the throughput system and the size of the filter panel. It has the appearance of porous supporting fiber, and they include three parts:

  • membrane;
  • reinforcing structure;
  • inner fiber channel.

Membrane Filter Maintenance

If you use membrane technology, then you will need to change such a filter every 3 years. Harmful particles that settle on the surface of the plate are washed off by the pressure of water but some of them remain and turn into a mud layer. You will feel how the quality of filtered water changes – this means that it's time to clean the plate. 

You do not need to remove all equipment; the membrane can be cleaned at home with water pressure with temperature (about 40 degrees). Cleaning the filter depends on its level of contamination: do it yourself or call a specialist.

Oxytec Membrane Technology 

We offer high-quality equipment for water purification based on membrane processes. You do not need to spend a lot of money and time on installation. Our company will choose the right filter for you and install any types that pass to any room and company. 

We guarantee that membrane technology benefits will be highly appreciated by our customers because it is profitable and convenient. Costs for such installations differ in size and power level of the membrane filter, but we will try to choose a suitable item for you.


  • Treating industrial-use water for purification and recycling industrial-use water, as well as recovering recyclables
  • Separating dissolved and undissolved organic macromolecules and particulate components
  • Collecting usable materials such as blood, modified starch, thickeners, organic residuals, and O/W emulsions
  • Clarification of aqueous solutions
  • Decreasing costs and optimizing production processes

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