Exhaust Air Scrubber

Our company offers quality scrubbers for commercial application. Polluted air is in the past, now you can install modern air scrubbers with the necessary guarantees and certificates. We will help you to choose the right model that will fit the size of the insert and the overall design. 

Even the most demanding customer could find an interesting item from our catalog to get the perfect exhaust air scrubber design. We should satisfy any customer needs, so we are expanding our range and adding new powerful technologies.What is an Air Scrubber?

This is a special exhaust filter that absorbs unpleasant odors and harmful components from the atmosphere. Any qualitative industrial air scrubber system is designed to take various dust, small debris, smoke, mold, or microbes from a room or a specific area. There are large-scale installations and more compact ones — they differ in the area of destination and application.

Types of Air Scrubbers

Large industry systems are used to solve big problems with air purification. Similar installations were used to clean the streets of New York from dust after the September 11 tragedy. Small types are used in the kitchen of cafes or restaurants to clean the room from mold, viruses, and other harmful particles. How Does This System Work?

Such a scrubber purifies indoor air or is used for larger-scale filtration. The basis of the work is a  reverse water flow that acts on all particles within the air stream that fall on it. Installation of the high-grade filter can be found within the industry, the independent machine or as an additional element in the duct.

What is an Air Scrubber Used for?

This system is used to clean air from unpleasant odors and rid the premises of flying particles that are harmful to humans. When we are at home for a long time, the air quality in the rooms deteriorates. Many people prefer to ventilate their house but this will not allow destroying all the harmful components in the atmosphere. Industrial air scrubber can clean any air stream - it will eliminate the unpleasant odor after:

  • C smoking process in the food industry
  • Residuals in the air stream from the garbage industry
  • animal waste products; animal staples
  • small harmful microbes in the mold;
  • dust;
  • building materials etc.
Air Cleaning by Ozone

Air purification is very important for a healthy and comfortable life; therefore, such ozone air purification is installed in homes and commercial premises. Today, people want to breathe easily, so they care about exhaust air quality. There are several ways to clean the atmosphere: not only ultraviolet exposure to harmful organisms but also ozone cleaning. Many companies use the second type and private houses prefer the first. There are also different types of the scale of such a system: 

  • small installations for kitchens or rooms; 
  • big ozone systemsto capture large air streams from industrial applications 

Our company can offer all these types for you. We give perfect quality, a big range of styles, and excellent prices.

Buy Air Cleaning System in Our Online Store

Our company offers quality manufacturing installations to remove harmful components from the air in any room. We really can answer the question: “How do air purification devices work?”, so give customers an excellent design. They receive modern technology with the necessary regulations to get the best quality at an affordable price. 

Our team will carry out all the related work on installing such a system and you can be sure that the air in your home or commercial premises will become cleaner. r Cost of air purification devices depends on the size and power of the equipment - you can find out more about this in our catalog and get customer support.


  • the recycling sector
  • the chemical industry
  • the textile industry
  • the food processing and pharmaceutical industries
  • wood and mineral processing
  • biomass and manufacturing fertilizers
  • steel processing
  • plastic processing
  • the off-shore oil and gas industry

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