Disinfecting Water with UV-C

Concerning treating water with UV radiation, our focus is not only on drinking water but also water used in industry. Ideal growing conditions for microorganisms can be found in particular inside impeller humidifiers and cooling towers, thanks to the “misting effect” of contaminated air. The use of chemical media is limited due to possible changes in the devices’ surface tension, the influence of corrosion, and the creation of foam and odors.  It is possible to effectively avoid the problems mentioned above by using UV radiation or ozone. Chemical methods are thus replaced by mechanical methods – without chemical residue! For these problems, oxytec offers reliable UV radiation systems, which meet the given sealing requirements. In conjunction with customer requirements, it is possible to supplement a UV radiation system with ozone systems.

The Advantages of Disinfecting Water with UV-C
  • 9999% sterile
  • no chemicals used
  • natural taste and aroma
  • does not create hazardous by-products

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