Water in Storage Tanks and Reservoirs

Water in Storage Tanks and Reservoirs

There are many reasons to use UV ozone treatment to disinfect tanks that store water for a wide range of applications. UV-C ozone disinfection systems do not use any chemical agents.

We focus on drinking water from a hygienic perspective as well as on technical water from storage tanks or cisterns for use in industry. In particular, ideal growing conditions for microorganisms can be found inside these as well as inside impeller humidifiers and cooling towers. Chemical agents for disinfection can lead to undesirable side effects, such as corrosion and the creation of foam or various odors. When treating water with UV-C, the process is based purely on physics and has no byproducts. This disinfection method is also impressive from the perspective of cost-efficiency. Depending on the water’s contamination level, submersible UV-C ozone lamps can also be used. Creating ozone in water results in even faster disinfection. Moreover, it is possible to eliminate any odors emerging from the tank quickly and simply.

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