Savings on water management by treating industrial-use water via UV light or membrane processes

There is a lot to be said in favor of treating water by disinfecting it with UV radiation, membrane technology, and ozone production. This treatment dispenses with chemicals and thermal processes and makes it possible to recycle water and recover valuable substances from it. These two methods contribute to saving energy and fresh water. We focus on drinking water from a hygienic perspective as well as on technical water for use in industry. Microorganisms find ideal conditions for growth in impeller humidifiers and cooling towers. Chemical disinfecting agents have undesirable side effects, such as corrosion or creating foam and various odors.

Treating water with UV-C radiation is a process based purely on physics, which creates no byproducts. This disinfection method is also impressive from the perspective of cost-efficiency.

For energy-efficient use of water in industry, a membrane process is used. This separates out solids, and the water can remain in use with its circulating temperature, e.g., water for blanching, so that no further heating is necessary.

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