LTP Technology – Low Temperature Plasma

LTP Technology – Low Temperature Plasma

Odour removal using NTP plasma technology. Effective air cleaning and odour removal using CAP Cleanair Plasma equipment

    CleanAir Plasma (CAP) Technology by Oxytec Consists of Four Stages of Operation:

    1. Pre-filtration with initial separation of solids & aerosols. During the initial separation of solids, two mesh filters filter out coarse contaminants in the air. This effectively protects the next phase of the plasma technology. More protection is provided by an integrated sponge with hydrosorbic properties. All the pre-filtration stages can be easily removed from the CAP system for regular cleaning.
    2. After pre-filtration, an electrostatic filter further removes substances. This is elimination that happens by breaking down molecular structure using electric voltage. Solids or aerosols that have remained after pre-filtering are effectively separated out into a removable, easy-to-clean pan.
    3. Reaction processes and oxidation in the plasma technology stage. The process of creating plasma that happens during high voltage induces reaction and oxidation processes during the flow of plasma electrons. The organically polluted exhaust is thus enriched with singleton oxygen so that carbon compounds are either stimulated to react with oxygen or react with it directly.
    4. The activated carbon filter, the final stage, and reactive storage. Compounds that were not oxidized are trapped by the activated carbon filter and oxidized there. Activated carbon functions as reactive storage, changing ozone (O3) back to oxygen (O2), for example. Activated carbon fluidly regenerates during the air purification and thus has a long life span.

    Four stages of operation CleanAir Plasma (CAP) technology

    Today, low-temperature plasmas are finding ever wider applications in various fields. This method has established itself as an alternative and effective way of eliminating contamination. It is used for air purification, sterilization of instruments, and water clarification. As a result, there is an absolute destruction of the microbial flora.

    Our company offers low-temperature plasma technology for ventilation, cleaning systems. We supply equipment for private and industrial organizations. We are focused on product quality. Today it is the most effective and modern method.

    What is Low-Temperature Plasma?

    Plasma is considered a gas of high ionization. The concentration of positive and negative charges in such gas is practically equilibrium. Low-temperature plasmas are widely used in the modern world. It is due to the basic properties and simplicity of its creation.

    The sterilizer is an excellent alternative to gas and chemical processing. It is a valid decision since the use of toxic substances is excluded and there is no need to clean products. Millions of cycles of appliance disinfection in systems have been carried out worldwide. It is clear evidence that the technology of using hydrogen peroxide plasma is in demand.

    Low-temperature plasma sterilization appliances have won the recognition of qualified specialists. A significant problem was solved with this equipment. It consisted of sanitizing absolutely all instruments.

    Low-Temperature Filters

    We are committed to providing customers with the best and most revolutionary products to get purified air indoors. We offer a wide range of purification products. The plasma tools were originally developed for filtration in industrial environments but have moved on to domestic use. We offer both traditional air purifiers and top models of air purifiers. Such models were created for use in hospitals because of their exceptional effectiveness in cleansing rooms of various airborne bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

    Over time, low-temperature gas plasma air purifier devices have been significantly reduced in size, increasing their portability. Since ionizing technology is available in medium-size, this tool has become more popular for home use. They are equipped with very filters that are capable of trapping particles that are passed by other types of filters. It means that air purifiers can reduce not only bacteria and viruses but also other harmful particles such as:

    • dust,
    • smoke,
    • pollen.

    This low-temperature plasma decomposition method is used in purifiers and provides an inexpensive and low-maintenance solution to improve indoor quality as they do not require frequent filter changes like other types of purifiers. Air filters are also very energy efficient, usually requiring less electricity to operate than a conventional light bulb.

    How Is Technology Used?

    The lowest plasma temperature method is the most effective because the impact is carried out at the atomic level. The disinfecting ability is associated with the possibility of generating bioactive antiseptic agents. They create a reliable, practically unsuppressed bactericidal effect. The use of this type of sterilization is particularly effective in combating drug-resistant bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The project of disinfection almost eliminates the risk of spreading dangerous hospital-type infections.

    We can also highlight some advantages of sterilization, namely:

    • Reasonable cost in terms of time and materials. Low-temperature plasma sterilizer price is more affordable;
    • High further prospects.

    From all of the above, we can conclude that the use of low-temperature plasma applications is a step into the future that will make many processes more perfect and efficient. With the development of the direction, many cumbersome, expensive, and complex disinfection methods will go into the past.

    Some serious potentials of the properties suggest that low-temperature plasma torch may be improved by acquiring a therapeutic ability. It is a new direction of purifying systems that opens up long-awaited prospects in important areas of the industry.

    Main Advantages of LTP Technology

    The low-temperature plasma sterilization system ionizes the air and provides a partial discharge of it with the help of a catalyst. This procedure makes it possible to remove allergens from the air. So, the use of such a filter is irreplaceable for people with allergies. It also makes it possible to get rid of various odors.

    Within ten minutes of operating the device with such a filter, the air in the room becomes twice as clean. And after half an hour of work, almost all the dust is removed from it. Ionization not only destroys the smallest particles but also makes the air fresher. It is ions with a negative charge that create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for breathing.

    Also, the negative charge helps get rid of mosquitoes and other insects that can fly into the room. Thus, plasma low-temperature cleaning helps:

    • effectively get rid of dust;
    • deodorize the air;
    • get rid of allergens;
    • fresh fresh air in the room;
    • negatively affects groups of insects.

    This filter makes it possible to destroy all organic matter that got into the conditioner along with the air. Using this cleaning method is more effective than using this activated carbon-based cleaning method. The lowest temperature plasma filter is reliable and durable; it does not require periodic cleaning or replacement.

    If you would like to purchase a low-temperature filter for your house, office, or industrial use, we can make you a reliable offer. Contact our managers, and they will consult you on what low-temperature plasma is and its operation process. The cost is calculated individually, depending on the size and power of the device.

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