Eliminating Odors in Homes and Kitchens

Eliminating Odors in Homes and Kitchens

Integrating Cleanair Plasma devices into hoods or installing compact internal air cleaners to effectively remove odours

A frequent problem with circulating ventilation hoods for the home is unwanted odors in kitchens, which spread quickly throughout the home from open plan kitchens. Plasma systems are an effective and cost-efficient solution. Different variations are offered with variable applications, and they can be individually adapted to the given living conditions.

Plasma technology was specially developed for eliminating odors and has been well-proven in the food services and in industry. Plasma technology works using the principles of physics and, like UV-C ozone technology, does not use chemicals. Plasma technology is a technology for treating air or circulating air in which the smallest gaseous organic carbon compounds – such as odor molecules, bacteria, and viruses – are destroyed. Solids and aerosols are eliminated in the pre-filtration phase. This technology offers many possibilities for use – not only for treating odors in exhaust from commercial kitchens and the food services but also for use in recirculation range hoods in homes.

The various plasma systems can be used individually, depending on the given living situation. Therefore, it is possible to integrate a CAP 650/1200 HA into a ventilation hood and install it in the space above a false ceiling. Alternatively, the CleanAir Plasma 650 can be individually built in to an exhaust ventilation hood. The unit dimensions have been designed so that they can be installed into any commercially available ventilation hood.

Mobile indoor air purifiers using plasma or UV-C ozone are an alternative to ventilation hood plasma systems for purifying indoor air.

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