Eliminating Odors in Homes and Kitchens

Eliminating Odors in Homes and Kitchens

Integrating Cleanair Plasma devices into hoods or installing compact internal air cleaners to effectively remove odours

    The air becomes polluted more quickly in the kitchen than in other rooms. This can disrupt ventilation throughout the house. Why? Due to some mistakes, most people make when installing. The reason for this is that the cooker hood is connected to the only ventilation grill in the kitchen. Kitchen ventilation exhaust fans work here only when we turn it on.

    Any kitchen is the dirtiest room. Under the legislation of many countries, such a placement must have an exhaust system with a grate. Through it, smoke is drawn from the entire house.

    Do not block the intake of the ventilation grill with range hoods. Thus, you delay the natural air exchange in the house. This condition can be individually tolerated in the presence of gravity ventilation.

    How to Plan a Ventilation Hood in the Cook Room?

    Air pollution arising in the kitchens should be effectively removed and prevented from spreading to other rooms. This is very important in a home ventilation system. It is in this room that the most water vapor and odors are generated. There are also grease particles in the kitchen air. It is easy to see on the furniture, where it settles as scurf.

    Additional mechanical kitchen ventilation exhaust should be provided. This device must be placed above the stove. Hoods and absorbers, however, should not be plugged into the only ventilation grille in the kitchen. They will interfere with air exchange when the fans are turned off. Remember that ventilation must work constantly. In this case, there are three possible solutions to choose from:

    • Providing another exit to the ventilation duct.
    • The use of a two-part ventilation grille that will split the existing end.
    • Using a cooker hood in the form of an absorber based on a charcoal filter. It will work in a closed system (cleaning the air without replacing it).

    The commercial kitchen ventilation exhaust hoods will effectively remove much of the dirt and water vapor during cooking. This household device must always be turned on. In buildings equipped with a gas installation, ventilation is especially important. It removes by-products in the form of gas combustion. These are primarily carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. If the concentration is exceeded, dangerous poisoning can occur. In an airtight building, it rises very quickly.

    Ventilation grilles must not be glued in order not to restrict airflow leakage. They are the driving force for further ventilation. An incorrectly installed device is one of the main causes of unpleasant odors and fires.

    Traditional Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation

    CKV is an organic part of the comfort system. It works closely with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The air stream leaving the building must be replaced with fresh air. The challenge is to serve it without causing discomfort to the kitchen staff. Too cold or too hot temperatures can create an unpleasant working atmosphere.

    Traditional system developers talk about the length and density of the thermal plume. Some manufacturers offer sophisticated calculations of performance depending on the category of kitchen equipment. How many centimeters should the hood be enlarged to make the chef of a luxury restaurant feel comfortable? Frasers commercial kitchen exhaust ventilation systems, for example, offer solid products. But is it possible to do without violation of design?

    Exhaust Kitchen Technology Eliminating Viruses and Bacteria

    Plasma systems that we offer are a simple and effective solution for any premises. Compact air cleaners are manufactured using the latest developments of physicists. Plasma technology eliminates unpleasant odors without costly and harmful chemicals. But our company offers not only effective odor elimination.

    The cook room is the place of the greatest accumulation and reproduction of viruses and bacteria. This is especially dangerous now, during the coronavirus epidemic. The air purifier developed by us quickly destroys the smallest organic compounds. Among them are odor molecules and strains of pathogens.

    Pay attention to the UV-C solution. This is what you need for complete safety along with CleanAir Plasma. Our ventilation kitchen exhaust hoods can be used to purify the air in homes. The situation of each client is considered individually. The Oxytec company's portfolio has enough options for the most demanding clients. The accurate dimensions of each installing unit allow it to be built into standard and non-standard systems.

    Do You Want To Install Ventilation Correctly? Follow our Tips

    Although the hood is a fairly simple device, many factors are responsible for its proper operation. Some of them are the responsibility of the manufacturer, others are the designer, installer, and finally the user:

    • The main mistakes include a poorly matched performance for the kitchen and circulating system. If it is too low, the hood does not perform its function. If the capacity is too high, the air duct suffocates and begins to make noise. Some hoods, due to their shape, can only be used under certain circumstances. It is difficult to expect that a cooker hood with a diameter of 35-40 cm will absorb vapors well above a 90 cm stove.
    • Another problem faced by users is poorly made ventilation ducts. They are not only too narrow but often leaky. This is a serious problem, especially when you want to use an external motor. Air duct leakage results in huge losses in engine efficiency. Water can start to drip from it. This indicates a malfunction of the ventilation duct and the absence of a check valve.
    • It is also possible to make the mistake of installing the hood without using soundproofing pads.
    • Many do not fully notice the difference between an extractor and an absorber. The absorber is often disqualified due to costs associated with replacing carbon filters or reduced efficiency. This is not always true. The correct use of appropriate filters can offer many benefits to the user.

    Each kitchen requires an individual ventilation solution. The Oxytec specialists are engaged in the installation of air cleaners. We will save you from problems with circulation in the kitchen.

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