Clean Kitchen Air CKA

Clean Kitchen Air CKA

Kitchen exhaust air odour-free and increased fire protection through the prevention of fat deposits by integrating a CKA system into the hood – as near as possible to the point of outbreak – or alternatively in the channel body
Odor from kitchen exhaust is a frequent problem for food service establishments. Odors such as these occur not only during deep-frying, boiling, and baking. The UV-C ozone system offers an effective, cost-efficient solution. Exhaust over the cooking station is purified after it passes through a grease separator. Organic substances containing grease and odors are oxidized, i.e., “cold” burned. In this way, grease contamination in the exhaust system and odor emissions in the environment are significantly reduced. During baking and deep-frying, exhaust that is heavily polluted with grease flows into the exhaust air system. This is how organic deposits are created; the ventilation ducts become clogged with grease, which increases the risk of fire. Grease deposits inside the exhaust ducts must be regularly cleaned, which incurs high costs. Moreover, problems tend to be solved only partially and over the short term. There are many places in ducts that are inaccessible on account of missing inspection openings. Aggressive, highly effective chemicals are a big problem, especially for older duct systems. This kitchen exhaust purification system offers an effective and economical solution. Substances containing odors are oxidized. Grease deposits in the exhaust system are significantly reduced, as the is the risk of fire.

The advantages of UV ventilation hoods and duct units:

  • Reducing odors by 95%
  • Reducing odors by 99% when used with a catalytic converter (downstream)
  • Preventing deposits inside ventilation hoods and soot in the exhaust ducts
  • Significantly lowering the risk of fire
  • Lowering maintenance and repair costs for the secondary system’s components
  • The option of reusing kitchen exhaust for heat recovery

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