Clean Grill Air CGA

Clean Grill Air CGA

The exhaust air from lava stone grills, charcoal grills and traditional pizza ovens where the wood is covered, free of particles and significantly cooler
This exhaust air scrubber for use in the food service industry was specially developed for filtering smoke, grease, and soot from charcoal grills and barbecues. Components in exhaust that have been created during these processes are separated out. Depending on the process, the scrubbing water may be used for longer periods of time. After a previously specified time period has elapsed, an automatic cleaning system is activated. The scrubber is emptied and cleaned without requiring any manual labor. The filtration system eliminates 95% of soot particles and 30-40% of odors. Furthermore, it lowers the temperature of the discharged exhaust air, so that the remaining odor can be treated using the Clean Kitchen Air (CKA) or CleanAir Plasma (CAP) systems. This scrubbing system for flue gases can be located indoors or outdoors under a weatherproof stainless steel roof.

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