Eliminating odors, grease, and particles from kitchen exhaust air – increased fire protection by preventing grease and tar deposits

A common problem in the food service industry is unwanted odors in exhaust air from kitchens. These occur during the regular processes of deep-frying, boiling, and baking. They can also occur when using charcoal grills or ovens.

UV-C ozone Air systems are an effective and cost-efficient solution – as is the CAP CleanAir Plasma system supplemented by an air scrubber, which has been specially designed for lava or charcoal grills.

When baking and deep-frying, exhaust that is heavily contaminated with grease flows into the exhaust ventilation system. This is how organic deposits are created; the ventilation ducts become clogged with grease, which increases the risk of fire. Grease deposits inside exhaust ducts must be regularly cleaned, incurring high costs. Moreover, problems tend to be solved only partially and over the short term. There are many places in ducts that are inaccessible on account of missing inspection openings. Aggressive, highly effective chemicals are a big problem, especially for older duct systems.

Practical Solution, UV-C Ozone: CKA (Clean Kitchen Air)

The CKA (Clean Kitchen Air) system is an effective and cost-efficient solution. Exhaust that is heavily polluted with grease is purified by passing through a grease filter that utilizes vortex flow. Organic substances and those containing grease and odors are oxidized. Grease deposits in the exhaust system are markedly reduced, and the risk of fire minimized.

Practical Solution, Plasma: CAP (CleanAir Plasma 1,500 – 10,000 m3/h)

In contrast to the previously mentioned CKA system, CleanAir Plasma (CAP) offers the option of breaking down substances using ozone – generated by high voltage. The CAP system, unlike the CKA system, completely replaces the ventilation system, because the CAP system functions as a complete ventilation system and can be connected directly to the ventilation hood.

Practical Solution, Scrubber Systems: CGA (Clean Grill Air)

CGA is a purification system that is primarily suitable for separating out particles, soot, and smoke from charcoal and lava grills. The CGA system is also useful for reducing particle deposits in other exhaust purification systems. The system works on the basis of circulating water, which separates out smoke, grease, and soot particles.

A Practical Solution for Marine Use/Galleys: CKA (Clean Kitchen Air – Marine Application)

The CKA System for Marine Application was specially created for use in heavily burdened galley kitchens. The system can be supplied with or without a cleaning system for the lamps. A wide variety of ventilation hoods can also be custom manufactured for the client, and these can be supplied along with the CKA-MA. In addition to traditional ventilation hoods, it is possible to supply energy-efficient injection hoods – with a guaranteed savings on waste and supply air of at least 25%.

A Practical Solution for Home Kitchens: CAP 600/1200 m3/h (CleanAir Plasma)

The CleanAir Plasma system (CAP) offers home kitchens the option of breaking down organic substances via ozone – which is generated by using high voltage. The CAP 600/1200 is supplied either as a plasma unit and activated carbon filter; as a plasma unit with activated carbon filter and fan; or as a duct unit (stainless or galvanized steel) with a pre-filter, electrostatic filter, fan, and plasma unit including an activated carbon filter. The duct unit is a complete replacement for a ventilation system.

Practical examples

Gosch, Frankfurt/Main Train Station

Gosch deep fries fish, scampi, and french fries in the train station

It was not possible to have exhaust air with a volume of 2000 m3/h flowing across the roof, because the building is historically protected. The task was to introduce exhaust air directly into the train station concourse at a height of 3 meters. This system makes it possible to use exhaust air for heat recovery. The installed catalytic converter cleans residue ozone and remaining odors from the exhaust. Since 2004, there has been no need to change the activated carbon. (Activated carbon – porous, fine-grained carbon with a large interior surface area, used as an absorbent substance in chemistry, medicine,...

Block House, Düsseldorf

Olfactory measurement was conducted by the company Müller-BBM – one of the foremost technical consulting companies engaging in consulting, testing, and planning – by taking three test samples in September of 2007. They came to the following conclusion, “The system’s effectiveness for purifying air using UV-C ozone averages at 95.6% and at 99.9% when combined with a catalyst.”

Vienna Airport

A commercial kitchen prepares food for the entire airplane catering industr

The reason for the extreme grease contamination in the exhaust ducts was a large number of high-performance deep fryers loaded with grease. This also created a high risk of fire in an environment with a high concentration of travelers. Thanks to installing a CKA system, the grease deposits have been reduced. Safety levels have increased distinctly, while operating costs have decreased.

Marriott Hotels

A restaurant offering its guests a rich selection

The restaurant operates almost 24 hours a day and produces 18,000 m3/h of exhaust air. The results are extreme grease deposits in exhaust ducts and a very high risk of fire. It was therefore necessary to clean frequently, which resulted in damage to the wallpaper and carpets.

SailCity Bremerhaven

The restaurant Strom is located on the ground floor of a 20-story sail-shaped skyscraper. There are 120 rooms on the eight floors above the restaurant, and the next 12 floors are offices. So that the hotel guests and those renting offices are not burdened by the smell of food being prepared and fire safety regulations are met, the exhaust air needed to be transported across the roof. It would have been necessary to build an 80 meter long shaft with a 10” ventilation duct and protect the duct with fireproof cladding. By installing CKA elements, the exhaust duct remains free...

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