Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

In the breeding/raising of animals (hen farms, pig farms, etc.), a large amount of intense unpleasant emissions are produced on an industrial scale, which must be reduced

For treating exhaust from animal breeding facilities, we can offer individual exhaust purification procedures designed specifically according to the customer’s needs.

Exhaust from animal breeding facilities tends to be very heavily polluted with odor and is often accompanied by marked contamination by germs. Specially for animal breeding facilities, the company oxytec offers a highly effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for disinfecting and neutralizing odors in exhaust. In contrast to traditional biofilters, oxytec’s method for purifying exhaust does not require a large amount of space. In addition to effectively decreasing odors, it can guarantee lowering germ levels by 99%.

If the exhaust is contaminated with ammonia, the UV-C system must be preceded by an air scrubber for ammonia-polluted exhaust. Effectively eliminating ammonia at very low pH levels ensures efficient exhaust purification even for this type of application. See the topic of “Exhaust Air Scrubbers” for more information.

    The Advantages of the UV-C Ozone Exhaust Purification Process

    • Operating costs are very low on account of low energy consumption. This also holds for maintenance costs.
    • Low installation costs; the systems are compact and lightweight.

    How it works – Oxidizing germs, total C, and odor regulation in three stages of reactions

    First, compounds with long chains are broken down via UV-C light. Next, UV-C light helps create ozone in the UV light chamber. Then, ozone reacts with the broken-down compounds. This oxidation occurs in the subsequent reaction process all the way up to the fan. The air released into the environment is germ-free and has a neutral odor.

    Other Advantages

    • No use of chemicals
    • No waste water pollution
    • No harmful residue
    • Fully automated cleaning
    • Reliable installation, proven world-wide


    • Exhaust from animal breeding
    • Exhaust from laboratories

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