Air Purification in Waste Elimination

Air Purification in Waste Elimination

An exhaust air purification system specially designed for organically charged and heavily odoriferous exhaust air from waste disposal and animal processing plants

Industrial companies and municipalities that have plans to or already operate exhaust air purification facilities in order to lower emissions demand the lowest investment and operating costs as well as small space requirements and very reliable operation.

Large quantities of intensely unpleasant odor emissions (decay, fish, rotten eggs), which must be eliminated, are created in industries that deal with slaughtered animals, e.g., rendering plants (for leather, meat, bones, etc.).

UV-C exhaust purification systems by oxytec are immune to heavily fluctuating contamination levels. The system works simply, completely automatically, and without the use of chemicals; it also offers low operating and maintenance costs. The result is odorless exhaust air, which has additionally been sterilized.


  • Simple process controls and low technical complexity
  • Significantly lower energy costs (20%)
  • Space-saving
  • Low operating, staff, and investment costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fully automated cleaning
  • Can be used around the clock
  • Installation has been proven to be reliable around the globe
  • Exhaust emission limits are never exceeded
  • No CO2 production from combustion processes
  • No waste water pollution, no harmful byproducts

How it works – Organic material is “cold” burned via photocatalytic oxidation

  1. Compounds with long chains are split via UV-C light.
  2. Ozone is created via UV-C light.
  3. Oxidation happens as a reaction between the ozone and the decomposed compounds.

The Process in 2 Steps

  • The UV chamber: using UV-C light, compounds with long chains are broken down and ozone is created.
  • The reaction path: ozone reacts with the decomposed compounds, i.e., oxidation.

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