Air Purification in the Textile Industry

Air Purification in the Textile Industry

Reducing organic charges, VOCs and formaldehyde using energy-saving technology based on UV-C/ozone

In the textile industry, coating processes are used when manufacturing technical textiles; here, the fabric or thread is equipped with special characteristics, e.g., hydrophobic properties. Textile coating agents can be made from organic products, which are dissolved in water or solvents. They subsequently undergo thermal treatment, in which all volatile materials from the textile coating are released into the air.

Additionally, the exhaust contains a percentage of fuels from directly heated tenter frames, e.g., methane. The emerging mix of exhaust fumes also contains grease particles, fibers, and formaldehyde and can sometimes have a very intense odor. Exhaust purification is especially challenging when manufacturing and processing textiles. Efficient and cost-saving solutions are sought in which energy costs and CO2 emissions can be lowered.

    Exhaust from the following applications can be effectively treated using UV-C ozone technology:

    • Tenter frame usage
    • Textile coatings
    • Painting

    Compliance with official regulations (TA Luft, total C, regulations concerning odor):

    • Significantly lower investment costs in comparison to afterburning
    • Lower operating and maintenance costs
    • An on-/off system
    • Low installation costs

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