Air Purification for Waste Water Treatment/Drying Sewage 														Sludge

Air Purification for Waste Water Treatment/Drying Sewage Sludge

An economical method of neutralising waste air odour from wastewater treatment plants charged with H2S and dimethyl-sulfide and returning the germ-free air back into the surrounding environment

In waste water treatment plants, there are emissions with intense odors that can disturb residents, which occur on account of open settling tanks or sludge treatment systems. Special requirements are also placed on exhaust air technology because of both the combination of high H2S and organic pollution and fluctuating or very high contamination levels.

UV-C ozone exhaust purification technology is an effective process for treating odors. It is used in all areas in waste treatment plants. It has been demonstrated that these systems are a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and very effective option. Photocatalysis is marked by very low sensitivity to high and heavily fluctuating load levels, and it is able to treat such levels very well (e.g., several hundreds of ppm of H2S). Up to 99% of odor and germs in exhaust are eliminated. Odor is neutralized for H2S and dimethyl sulfide in exhaust.


  • Treats high levels of H2S and dimethyl sulfide
  • Peak loads can be treated effectively
  • Uncommonly low maintenance necessary
  • Independent of temperature and load fluctuations
  • A very stable and simple process
  • An on/off system – interrupted operation is possible
  • Very low energy costs
  • Space-saving, lightweight, easy to retrofit

The Process in 3 Steps:

  1. The UV chamber: here, compounds with long chains are broken down by a lamp with class “C” UV radiation, and ozone is created by the UV radiation.
  2. The reaction path: oxidation occurs as the reaction of ozone with the broken-down compounds.
  3. The catalyst stage: the reaction time is extended, and the final cleansing occurs.

Purifying indoor air: oxytec systems for treating room air purify this air and thus markedly improve working conditions in indoor spaces. Based on the principle of circulating air, the need for fresh air is minimized, which significantly aids cost savings.

Ozone is released into the room in a targeted and controlled way; odor-causing substances and germs are reduced. Excess ozone doe not occur.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Significantly reduces operating costs on account of air circulation
  • No external air exchange necessary
  • Supplied as a preassembled unit with integrated fan
  • Room air is purified and largely rid of germs, i.e., disinfected
  • Interrupted operation is possible using a timer
  • No water, sewage, or chemicals
  • No frost protection, no air ducts
  • Very low maintenance needs

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