Air Purification for Smokehouses

Air Purification for Smokehouses

A cost-effective solution to the specific technical requirements for exhaust air charged with tar and other compounds containing fats

The subject of air purification in smokehouses for meat and fish is distinguished by altogether specific problems, presenting difficulties for both the affected facilities as well as the licensing authorities. Smokehouses are often in residential areas or city centers. Financial costs for measures to maintain clean air are a heavy burden for small and medium-sized companies. High requirements are placed on the purification system, because nearly all smokehouse emissions are organic in nature and are composed of greasy, tar containing, or oily compounds, which are additionally accompanied by strong odor.

In smokehouses, afterburning systems have long been used to lower emissions, despite their very high energy costs.

UV-C ozone technology is an exhaust purification technology that is very cost-effective where energy is concerned. The modular exhaust air purification system eliminates smoke and odors and can be used in all smokehouses utilizing hot or cold smoking.

    Process – The process is composed of multiple system components:

    • An air scrubber
    • A condenser
    • A UV-C ozone exhaust purification system
    • A reaction path
    • A catalytic converter


    • Low operating costs – in comparison with the common method of afterburning, up to 80% is saved on energy costs
    • The greater level of separation efficiency offered by oxytec’s exhaust purification system ensures compliance with emission threshold values in accordance with TA Luft and VDI standards.
    • Low maintenance costs – oxytec’s exhaust purification systems are not subject to thermal degeneration.

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