Air Purification for Facility Management

Air Purification for Facility Management

Equipment for cleaning exhaust air for areas where dishwashers, grease separators, toilets, waste areas, etc. are located

In the previously mentioned fields, strongly smelling emissions are created, which can be very bothersome – especially in large office buildings. The combination of H2S and organic materials at fluctuating or extremely high pollution levels makes high demands on exhaust technology. If the exhaust outlets are located in an underground garage or above a roof close to a supply air inlet, then this pollution load is reinforced.

Purifying exhaust with UV-C ozone is an effective process for treating odors and is used for treating organic exhaust in all fields. The system has been proven to be a highly effective, environmentally friendly solution. Photocatalysis is characterized by its lack of sensitivity, which makes it possible to treat high and heavily fluctuating pollution levels. Up to 99% of odors and germs are eliminated in the exhaust air. Odors from hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and dimethyl sulfide are neutralized.


  • Treats high levels of dimethyl sulfide and hydrogen sulfide
  • Successfully treats pollution at peak load levels
  • Minimum maintenance needs
  • The system is insensitive to temperature and fluctuating levels
  • A very stable and simple process
  • An on/off system – interrupted operation is possible
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Space-saving, lightweight – easy to retrofit

The Process in 3 Steps:

  1. The UV chamber: here, compounds with long chains are broken down by a lamp with class “C” UV radiation, and ozone is created by the UV radiation.
  2. The reaction path: oxidation occurs as the reaction of ozone with the broken-down compounds.
  3. The catalyst stage: the reaction time is extended, final cleansing of odor molecules occurs, and sulfur is separated out from sulfur-polluted exhaust.


An Alternative

Circulating air purification in two versions, UV-C ozone or plasma

UV-C ozone systems by oxytec purify indoor air and thus improve working conditions in interior spaces. The ozone released by the system oxidizes odors in the space and decreases germ levels on surfaces and in the air. Optional integration of an ozone control system makes it possible to precisely maintain a specific ozone concentration for safe operation. The principle of air circulation minimizes the need for fresh air, which makes significant savings possible.

Alternatively, a CleanAir plasma system can be used as a compact exhaust purification unit for circulating air operation. In contrast to UV-C ozone systems, which release a controlled amount of ozone into the indoor air, the CleanAir plasma system does not release any ozone.

The systems are divided into three chambers. The pre-filters and fan are located in the first chamber of the CleanAir plasma system; the plasma unit is next, in the second chamber. In the third chamber, there is an activated carbon filter, which works as reactive storage. The systems are supplied in various sizes as standardized devices. After the indoor air purification process, it is not possible to detect any ozone because of the activated carbon filtering stage. The exhaust is nearly entirely rid of odors, so that it can be released directly into the room. No expensive exhaust or duct system is necessary.

However, regardless of the technology selected, it is first necessary to consider the requirements for indoor air circulation even before use. Moreover, it is also necessary to take legal regulations into consideration.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Significantly reduces operating costs on account of air circulation
  • No external air exchange necessary
  • Supplied as a preassembled unit with integrated fan
  • Room air is purified and largely rid of germs, i.e., disinfected
  • Interrupted operation is possible using a timer
  • No water, sewage, or chemicals
  • No frost protection, no air ducts
  • Very low maintenance needs

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