Air Purification for Deep-Frying and Baking

Air Purification for Deep-Frying and Baking

A cleaning system specially developed for grease-charged waste air and foul air from the food industry. Optimum cleaning of hot, greasy exhaust air from industrial fryers, Teflon baking equipment, fat burning equipment, etc.

Baking and deep-frying produce heavy total C pollution and unpleasant odors. Moreover, grease is deposited in the exhaust ventilation system, and these grease deposits can lead to an increased risk of fire. The company oxytec offers purification systems specially designed for exhaust from the food industry as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to eliminate grease and neutralize odors. This is an optimal cleaning solution for hot, greasy exhaust air from deep-fryers and Teflon roasting pans, etc.  In contrast to traditional systems using afterburning for exhaust air, oxytec systems do not require any expensive energy for combustion. Official regulations concerning air quality (TA Luft, total C, odor regulations) are complied with.

    The Advantages of the Environmentally Friendly Process:

    • Operating costs are low because of low energy consumption. Maintenance costs are also low.
    • Installation costs are very low. The systems are compact and lightweight.

    How it works – Oxidizing grease, total C, and odor regulations is divided into three stages of reactions.

    1. Exhaust air is treated for photocatalysis in the 1st chamber
    • Condensation
    • Enrichment with oxygen
    • Equalizing pressure
    • Separating out coarse particles
    • Heat recovery
    1. Photolysis – a lamp with “C” spectrum ultraviolet radiation causes compounds with long chains to be split and ozone to be created inside the disinfection chamber with the UV lamp.
    2. Oxidation – ozone reacts with the broken-down compounds via oxidation in the next section, the reaction path, which leads up to the fan.
    • Photocatalysis causes organic matter to be “cold” burned. Exhaust released into the environment is not greasy and has a neutral odor.
    • UV-C ozone purification systems prevent grease deposits in exhaust ducts, grease precipitates, and unwanted odor inside and outside the factory building – all without the use of chemical cleaning agents.
    • The purification system permanently reduces cleaning and maintenance costs; eliminating grease also lowers the risk of fire.
    • Heat recovery is also possible.

    Other Advantages:

    • No use of chemicals
    • No waste water pollution
    • No harmful residues
    • Fully automated cleaning
    • Reliable installation, proven world-wide


    • spring rolls
    • french fries
    • potato chips
    • peanuts
    • fish products
    • fish sticks
    • meatballs
    • bacon
    • poultry products
    • bakery products
    • sausage, ham

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