Air purification methods for industrial production (photooxidation, photoionization / LTP plasma systems / catalytic converters / activated carbon filters / exhaust air scrubbers / biofilters)

Many biochemical and technical processes – e.g., fermentation, decay, decomposition, baking, frying, and smoking – create mixtures of odorous substances and organic compounds. Manufacturing and working with varnish, paint, and other coating materials in the textile or automotive industries uses organic solvents, which then make their way into exhaust.

For these and many other types of air pollution, grease deposits, and odor, air purification systems by oxytec are a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for transforming substances contained in the air – without odor or pollutants. At the same time, various systems that are precisely adapted to the given field of use can also be employed.

In the UV-C ozone exhaust purification process, exhaust passes over special (ozone) lamps that produce UV light. Their radiation converts natural oxygen (O2) into active oxygen (O3), which combines with the sources of odor in the exhaust; organic substances as well as those carrying grease and odors are oxidized. The byproducts are completely biologically degradable and are eliminated along with the stream of exhaust air. The reaction chamber (or reaction path) located behind the UV-C ozone exhaust purification system, should be long enough so the air flows through it for 3 to 4 seconds. It serves to oxidize the organic components with ozone, particularly for total C and odor reduction.

Plasma technology was specially developed to eliminate odors, and it’s use has been proven in industry. It functions using the principles of physics and works, as does UV-C ozone technology, entirely without chemicals. Plasma technology is a technology for treating air in which the smallest gaseous organic carbon compounds, such as odor molecules, are eliminated, and bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Solids and aerosols are eliminated during the pre-filtration process. Particularly for exhaust that is not too humid or contaminated with grease, the result of this technology is odorless exhaust air. At the same time, it offers very low power consumption and low operating costs.

An oxytec air scrubber can be inserted in front of the UV-C ozone exhaust purification system for various types of exhaust air, e.g., from the textile industry, or for exhaust with ammonia or tar content. These exhaust air scrubbers effectively destroy water-soluble particles contained in the exhaust. Air scrubbers have been proven to be very effective, especially for exhaust from laboratories, animal stables, smokehouses, plastic manufacturing processes, and processes in the textile industry. Today, exhaust air scrubbers are used to

  • eliminate soluble components, such as ammonia
  • lower the temperature of exhaust air before entering the UV-C ozone system, e.g., in the textile industry
  • enrich the exhaust air stream with humidity, e.g., in the plastics industry.

Depending on the exhaust that needs to be treated, it is possible to insert catalytic converters after the UV-C ozone exhaust purification system. These serve as a reactive surface for molecules with very long chains and eliminate or remove any excess ozone in the case of fluctuating load levels. For waste water treatment plants, the catalytic converter is used to separate out the resulting sulfur.

For purifying exhaust air that only needs treatment with activated carbon filters, oxytec offers filters of various sizes, either mobile or stationary, and with various fill weights.

The Advantages of oxytec Exhaust Purification Systems

  • Compliance with official regulations (TA Luft, total C, odor requirements)
  • Very low operating costs because of low energy consumption – this also applies to maintenance costs
  • Low installation costs, low space requirements; possible roof installation due to low weight and frost resistance
  • The system works on an on/off basis and is not sensitive to fluctuating loads

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