UV Water Disinfection System (Drinking Water Certified)

UV Water Disinfection System (Drinking Water Certified)

Disinfecting drinking and industrial-use water – Reducing bacteria and pathogens via UV-C (w/o ozone)


  • Reliably reduces the germ levels in waste, drinking, and industrial-use water by 99.999%
  • Destroys germs without influencing the water’s pH, odor, taste, or color; no influence on the water’s mineral content
  • Compact installation, designed for wall mounting
  • High-power lamps with Longlife technology for up to 12,000 operating hours
  • LCD with a signal for absolute UV-C intensity
  • Biodosimetric measurement has proved a dose of 400 J/m2
  • Lamp monitoring
  • Selective UV-C intensity monitoring in accordance with national regulations
  • Certified according to DVGW W-294


  • Drinking water supply
  • The food industry
  • Industrial-use water
  • The beverage industry and breweries
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Pure and ultrapure water sterilization
  • Hot and cold water systems (Legionella prophylaxis)
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs


  • Almost entirely eliminates pathogens in the water
  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Ecological, no chemicals used, no byproducts
  • Easy to install and operate (remote control possible)
  • No changes to the original water quality
  • Varied applications for use

The UV-C light from low-pressure lamps reliably destroys bacteria and other pathogens contained in water.


Nominal flow at T10
Cold water up to 38°C
2.8 to 150 m³/h
Warm water up to 65°C
3.5 to 97 m³/h
Water temperature in °C
4-38 or 4-65°C
Operating temperature in °C
Max. operating pressure in bars
Width in mm
236 | 320 (incl. screws)
Height in mm
244 to 509 | 244 to 391 (incl. screws)
Length in mm
305 | 280 (incl. screws)
Distribution board material
polycarbonate or steel, coated
System weight in kg
9.1 to 85 kg
Distribution board weight in kg
2.2 to 20 kg
IP rating
IP 54 or IP 65
Lamp operating hours
8,700 – 12,000
Lamp power rating
41 to 238 Watts
UV-C RED dose at 254 nm
> 400 J/m³
UV-C power output at 254 nm
14.3 to 90.0 Watts
Power rating / power consumption in watts
55 to 1590

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