UV-C Ozone Purification System for Exhaust Containing Solvents

UV-C Ozone Purification System for Exhaust Containing Solvents

Purifying organically polluted industrial exhaust and air polluted with solvents using UV-C ozone photocatalytic oxidation systems


  • A purification system specially designed for purifying exhaust air heavily polluted with odor and organic substances from processes containing solvents (painting, printing, coating)
  • Effectively destroys organic and odor-carrying substances
  • Not sensitive to load fluctuation
  • Resistant to high air humidity
  • Automatic CIP cleaning system for the UV-C ozone lamps


  • Exhaust from dryer facilities used in various organic processes
  • Exhaust from chemical processes, coating processes, and paint production lines
  • Exhaust from laser fumes
  • Exhaust containing VOCs
  • Exhaust containing styrene


  • Compliance with official regulations (TA Luft, TOC criteria concerning odor content)
  • Significantly lower installation costs and greater efficiency than afterburning, etc.
  • Significantly decreases operating and maintenance costs
  • An on/off system – preheating is not necessary as it is for afterburning
  • Space-saving, roof installation possible
  • Easy installation, retrofitting is not a problem
  • No chemicals used, no sewage pollution
  • All byproducts are 100% biodegradable

UV-C ozone air purification works by having exhaust pass over special UV-C (ozone) lamps. Their radiation splits chains of organic molecules and transforms natural oxygen (O2) into active oxygen (O3), which combines with the sources of odor in the exhaust; organic and odor-carrying substances are oxidized. Photocatalytic processes happening on the surface of the integrated catalytic converter effectively destroy residual odors. The byproducts are completely biodegradable and are expelled along with the exhaust airflow. The oxytec guarantee is that odors will be reduced by 95% and total C will be lowered to under 50 mg/m3, in accordance with TA Luft.

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