UV-C Ozone Purification System for Exhaust Air

UV-C Ozone Purification System for Exhaust Air

Purifying exhaust (eliminating odors and germs) via photocatalytic oxidation based on UV-C ozone lamps


  • A purification system for exhaust air polluted by strong odor and containing germs
  • Effectively destroys organic and odor-carrying particles
  • Easy installation (behind the exhaust outlet or in the ventilation duct), easy to retrofit in existing systems
  • All components resistant to UV and ozone
  • No radiation outside the device
  • TÜV-tested, bears the EU's CE mark


  • Rooms with grease separators
  • Rest rooms
  • Rooms for sorting or storing waste
  • Waste water treatment plants (H2S)
  • Sludge treatment areas


  • Eliminates unpleasant odors caused by grease or H2S, for example
  • Improves the air quality outside the building
  • Effectively eliminates bacteria and germs
  • Low energy costs
  • An on/off system
  • All byproducts are biodegradable

During the process of purifying air using UV-C ozone, air flows over special (ozone) lamps that produce UV-C light. Their radiation transforms natural oxygen into ozone, which combines with germs and odor-causing agents in the air; organic, greasy, and odor-carrying substances are oxidized. Residues are completely biodegradable and are removed along with the exhaust.


Exhaust air purification system based on UV-C ozone Type 250 | Type 500

Diameter in mm
315 | 315
Length in mm
500 | 1000
Casing material
galvanized length-drawn steel, stainless steel
Lamp operating hours
No. of UV-C lamps
4 | 4
UV-C lamp wattage
16 | 39
Power rating / power consumption in watts
100 | 200
Supply voltage
230 Volts -/- 10%, 50..60 Hz

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