Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration System

Purifying water used in industry, clarifying aqueous solutions, and recovering usable materials via membrane technology

Treating water used in industry via ultrafiltration based on ceramic membranes. Particulate matter and long-chain molecules are separated from water and then concentrated.


  • Decreasing germ levels
  • Industrial-use water can circulate at higher temperatures
  • Savings on energy and water due to circulation


  • Dissolved and undissolved organic macromolecules (e.g., dye) and particles are separated out from industrial-use water
  • Lowers COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD5 (5-day biochemical oxygen demand), and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) levels in industrial-use water by up to 99.5%
  • Concentrates usable materials such as modified starch, thickeners, blood, and organic residuals contained in industrial-use water; separates O/W emulsions
  • The surface layer formed on the membrane’s surface (the secondary filtration layer) remains in place, because the water flows at a nearly constant rate – this also causes nearly constant filtration performance
  • Automatic cleaning by CIP or SIP technology (cleaning-/sterilizing-in-place)
  • Can be combined with a reverse osmosis system


  • Food production (e.g., slaughterhouses, meat processing)
  • The cosmetic and chemical industries
  • The textile industry, carpet manufacturing, and laundries


  • Lowering costs for energy and waste water
  • Operating temperatures can be up to 90°C, pH levels between 1.5 and 14 are possible
  • Continuous and interrupted process technologies are possible
  • To ensure process safety, laboratory facilities and pilot plants are available

Industrial-use water is repeatedly pumped by a circulation pump into a membrane module and flows over the surface of an ultrafiltration membrane. A ceramic hollow fiber membrane, specially selected for the given filtration purpose, allows water to pass through while retaining macromolecules and particles. Industrial-use water passes through the membrane under pressure perpendicular to the flow direction and, purified, it drains off into a filtrate container.

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