Supply Air Disinfection Module for Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Supply Air Disinfection Module for Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Eliminating microorganisms created inside ventilation ducts as well as those acquired externally – Reducing germ levels via UV-C lamps


  • An air disinfection system for sterilizing airflow in air-conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold spores occurring in supply air
  • Protects employees from pathogens
  • Increases food shelf life
  • All components are UV resistant


  • Air-conditioning and ventilation systems for factories, administration buildings, public buildings, social institutions, hotels, cruise ships, etc.


  • Avoiding bad batches
  • Reducing sick leave
  • No germ resistance
  • No use of chemicals or filters
  • No byproducts (e.g., nitrogen oxides)
  • Low operating costs
  • Low energy consumption

Air drawn in from outside is directed over high-power UV-C lamps inside an air-conditioning duct module. These low-pressure mercury vapor lamps emit UV-C radiation with a precise wavelength of 253.7 nm; this is the spectrum that reliably destroys germs. In this way, microorganisms that have penetrated from the outside are destroyed and the whole ventilation system is also kept germ-free.


Active power in watts
100 –100,000 m3/h
Width in mm
dependent on the airflow
Height in mm
dependent on the airflow
Length in mm
dependent on the airflow
Casing material
stainless or galvanized steel
Lamp operating hours
12,000 – 16,000
Ozone production
high-power UV-C lamps (no ozone production)
Power rating / power consumption in watts
180–350 Watts
Supply voltage
230 V ± 10 %, 50 ... 60 Hz

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