Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration Systems

Reverse Osmosis or Nanofiltration Systems

Purifying industrial-use water, producing ultra pure water, recovering usable materials via membrane technology


  • It separates organic compounds, lipophilic substances, and inorganic salts from industrial-use water
  • Concentrates industrial solutions, e.g., whey
  • Lowers COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD5 (5-day biochemical oxygen demand), and TOC (Total Organic Carbon) levels in industrial-use water by up to 99.5%
  • Can be combined with an ultrafiltration system
  • Automatic CIP cleaning technology (cleaning-in-place)
  • For extremely low conductivity, an electrodeionization module (EDI) can be used


  • Food production (e.g., slaughterhouses or meat processing)
  • The cosmetic and chemical industries
  • The textile industry, carpet manufacturing, and laundries
  • Steam generation, steam boiler plants


  • Lowering costs for energy and waste water
  • Continuous and interrupted process technologies are possible
  • To ensure process safety, laboratory facilities and pilot plants are available
  • Reverse osmosis: a lower salt concentration in waste water, lower chemical consumption than for ion exchangers

Industrial-use water is passed over spiral-wound polymer membranes. They allow water through under pressure (permeate), while holding back organic and inorganic substances. According to the substance that needs to be isolated, either reverse osmosis or nanofiltration modules are used. Untreated water is pumped from the storage tank through a seal into the membrane module, where it flows across the membrane surface, and purified water is drained off by a pipe intended for the permeate into a permeate container.

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