Production Pollution Control (PPC)

Production Pollution Control (PPC)

Air and surface disinfection, odor elimination, and germ reduction via UV-C ozone lamps


  • A system for purifying circulating air and surfaces designed for air strongly polluted with odor and containing germs, e.g., in food production, waste disposal, or animal husbandry
  • Effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, and mold spores even in hard-to-reach places
  • Independent of the building’s ventilation system
  • Wall or ceiling installation, mobile use also possible
  • Easy disassembly for maintenance and cleaning
  • All components resistant to UV and ozone
  • No radiation outside the device
  • TÜV-tested, bears the EU's CE mark


  • Food processing
  • The meat and fish industries
  • Warehouses, shipping containers, cargo holds
  • Dairies
  • Spaces for sorting or storing waste
  • Animal stables


  • Improves the shelf life, appearance, and quality of food
  • Cleans even places that cannot be cleaned physically (e.g., corners and niches)
  • Quick re-entry into the disinfected space
  • No germ resistance
  • No use of chemicals (e.g., chlorine)
  • No byproducts or NOX created
  • Low energy costs
  • Easy installation, varied application, retrofitting possible


During the UV-C ozone disinfection process, air flows over special (ozone) lamps that produce UV-C light. Their radiation transforms natural oxygen into ozone, which combines with germs and odors contained in the air; the organic substances are oxidized. Because ozone is a gas at room temperature, it disinfects not only indoor air but also surfaces – even in hard-to-reach places.


product designation 100 | 200

Diameter in mm
100 | 200
Length in mm
1000 | 2000
Casing material
galvanized length-drawn steel; stainless steel
Lamp operating hours
Power rating / power consumption in watts
200 | 400
Supply voltage
230 Volt -/- 10%, 50...60 Hz
Wall or ceiling installation
ceiling installation/mobile

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