PPC SaniPro 2000

PPC SaniPro 2000

SaniPro 2000 for Production Pollution Control – Air and surface disinfection, odor elimination, and germ reduction via UV-C ozone lamps


  • An air and surface disinfection system for the food industry as well as industries dealing with waste management and animal breeding
  • A well-validated procedure
  • Effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi, and mold spores even in hard-to-reach places
  • Permanent odor reduction
  • It works independent of the building’s ventilation system
  • Mobile use possible as well as wall or ceiling installation
  • No radiation outside the device


  • Food processing
  • The meat and fish processing industries
  • Refrigeration rooms
  • Cold storage centers
  • Storage spaces, shipping containers, commercial spaces
  • Dairies
  • Spaces for storing or sorting waste
  • Stables


  • Increases shelf life, improves food appearance and quality
  • Also cleans spaces that are inaccessible by physical cleaning methods (e.g., corners and niches)
  • Quick re-entry into disinfected spaces
  • No germ resistance
  • No chemicals used (e.g., chlorine)
  • Significant savings on water
  • No byproducts, no NOX created (harmful nitrogen oxide gases)
  • Low energy costs
  • Easy installation, varied application, retrofitting possible

During the disinfection process, indoor air flows over special (ozone) lamps that produce UV-C light. Their radiation transforms natural oxygen into ozone, which combines with germs and odors that are contained in the air; the organic substances are oxidized. Because ozone is a gas at room temperature, it disinfects not only indoor air but also surfaces – even in hard-to-reach places.


Duration ca. 2-3 hours no people allowed in the room during system use

Diameter in mm
Length in mm
Casing material
stainless steel
Lamp operating hours
10,000 hours
Power rating / power consumption in watts
Supply voltage
230 volts -/- 10%, 50...60 Hz
Wall or ceiling installation
wall installation, mobile

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