Plasma Odor Control Pro

Plasma Odor Control Pro

Purifying exhaust air (eliminating odors and smoke), oxidizing odor-causing particles via ozone and negative oxygen ions


  • A purification device for strongly smelling industrial air
  • Reliably eliminates odor-causing substances
  • Easy installation in the exhaust duct, retrofitting existing systems is possible
  • A lightweight, compact system that does not harm the environment
  • No noise
  • No NOX creation (i.e., harmful nitrogen oxide gases)
  • Possible to combine with systems using activated carbon filters or other catalytic converter systems
  • Certification: CE marked
  • Tested according to EN 13725:2003


  • Waste water treatment plants and composting facilities (breaking down H2S)
  • Sludge treatment areas
  • The food industry
  • Meat and fish storage and processing
  • The paint, dye, and printing industries


  • Eliminates odors
  • Improves air quality
  • Low investment, operating, and energy costs
  • Flexible application, numerous possibilities for use
  • Modular system, possible to treat large volumes of exhaust
  • Low maintenance costs

Using ozone and negative oxygen ions to clean strongly smelling industrial exhaust. Ozone and negative oxygen ions are produced in the Plasma Odor Control device and then are extracted directly to an exhaust duct by the exhaust ventilation system. Substances containing odors are oxidized.


Airflow volume in m³/h
up to 26,000 m3/h
Width in mm
Height in mm
Length in mm
Distribution board weight in kg
Safety equipment
20-A circuit breaker required; built-in pressure switch; safety power switch
completely automatic
Power rating / power consumption in watts
up to 1.5 W
Supply voltage
230 volts

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