Plasma Odor Control Mini

Plasma Odor Control Mini

Reducing odors by supplying ozone via a bypass

Ozone and negative oxygen ions are used to clean strongly smelling industrial exhaust. Ozone and negative oxygen ions are produced in the Plasma Odor Control device and then are extracted directly into an exhaust duct by the exhaust ventilation system. Substances containing odors are oxidized.


  • A purification system for strongly smelling exhaust from the food services industry
  • Reliably eliminates odor-carrying substances
  • Easy wall installation near the exhaust duct; easy to retrofit existing exhaust systems with this system
  • A particularly space-saving, lightweight, and compact system
  • No harm to the environment; no NOX production
  • No noise
  • Can be combined with activated carbon filters or other systems using catalytic converters
  • Certification: CE marked, tested according to EN 13725: 2003


  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Food stands
  • Grease separator rooms
  • Rest rooms
  • Spaces for sorting or storing waste


  • Eliminates odors
  • Improves air quality at the exhaust duct outlet
  • Low investment, operating, and energy costs
  • Flexible application, numerous possibilities for use
  • Very low maintenance costs

When using the ozone method to purify exhaust, ozone is extracted directly into the exhaust duct by the exhaust system’s fan. Here, the ozone combines with odors contained in the exhaust; odor-carrying substances are oxidized. The residues (CO2 and steam) are transported with the exhaust airflow, and the remaining ozone changes back into oxygen.


Width in mm
Height in mm
Length in mm
System weight in kg
Safety equipment
5-A circuit breaker required; built-in pressure switch; safety power switch
completely automatic
Power rating / power consumption in watts
up to 250
Supply voltage
230 volts

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