Ozone Control System and Ozone Sensor

Ozone Control System and Ozone Sensor

Production Pollution Control (PPC) – Ozone treatment with an ozone control system and an ozone sensor

As part of ozone disinfection (PPC), UV light is emitted under controlled circumstances that produce clean ozone in the air when combined with natural oxygen – without nitrogen oxides. Ozone has the characteristic of being able to combine with odor-carrying organic compounds and oxidize them. During this process, microorganisms such as germs, bacteria, and fungi contained in the air and on surfaces are destroyed. After oxidation, oxygen returns as a byproduct – no harmful residues are produced.


  • Amortization period < 2 years
  • Extensive research and assessment confirm the system’s effectiveness

For more information, see the validating report “Laboratory for Microbiology and Hygiene in Hoyerswerde,” which concerns the germ-reducing effects of ozone on various microorganisms. To summarize, ozone’s antimicrobial, bactericidal effect was proven for the pathogens Aspergillus niger, MRSA Staphylococcus aureus, and Escherichia coli.


  • Producers of deep-fried or convenience food products
  • Reducing germs in freezers using ozone for frozen food production lines
  • Producers of seafood delicacies
  • Distinctly improved appearance and better shelf life by using ozone disinfection in factories
  • Refrigeration rooms in the food industry
  • Storage in spaces with reduced germ levels
  • Livestock breeding facilities
  • Disinfecting stables before use


  • Marked savings compared with ordinary means of disinfection
  • A significant decrease in work load – high employee safety
  • Decrease in water consumption – low condensation
  • Significant decrease in energy costs (heating water to a min. of 65°C)
  • No chemicals – no chlorine corrosion during the vapor phase
  • Highly reliable disinfection
  • Less interruption of production time – drying time during typical cleaning processes is covered in the ozone production time

If indoor air and surfaces are to be disinfected, a larger amount of ozone is produced. While microorganisms with a simpler structure show high sensitivity to ozone and can be destroyed with a small dose of ozone, a markedly higher dose of ozone is needed to destroy fungi and spores.

The Production Pollution Control Kit (PPC-Kit) is composed of a UV-C ozone system, which is designed according to the room’s volume, plus an ozone control system, an ozone sensor, and an automatic door-locking mechanism.

In order for ozone production to begin, the system is switched on using buttons on the display menu. A prerequisite for release is that the doors have been locked. Next, the user interface makes it possible to set the operation period and ozone concentration. The control system maintains the ozone concentration at levels between the set minimum and maximum thresholds for the set period of time. A green LED “Ein/On” diode on the front side of the case signals whether the UV-C ozone system is currently operating. Malfunction-free operation is signaled via a relay contact (the contact relay is closed). Three 24-volt outlets, which are intended to be connected to signal lights, show the actual operational status of the ozone production.

  • Green: the room may be entered – the ozone concentration is under 0.06 ppm
  • Yellow: ozone production rising or dropping
  •  Red: ozone concentration is within the set limits

Entering the room is forbidden during ozone production! If there is a malfunction, e.g., opening the door contact, a malfunction of the ozone generator, or a defect in the ozone sensor is signaled, then a collective malfunction warning is signaled via the corresponding LED diode in the control unit.

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