Conveyor Belt Disinfection System

Conveyor Belt Disinfection System

Disinfecting conveyor belts and belts for meat carving; Germ reduction using UV-C light (w/o ozone)


  • Permanently disinfects the surfaces of conveyor belts and belts for meat carving
  • Inactivates germs, bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold, preventing them from reproducing
  • No radiation around the area of the system – safe for products, animals, and people; the system automatically turns off when opened via an integrated sensor
  • Made from stainless steel


  • Slaughterhouses and meat carving factories
  • The fish and meat processing industries
  • Food wrapping and packaging, e.g., slicers, packaging materials


  • Longer minimum shelf life and a better quality guarantee
  • Effective hygiene during continuous production
  • No chemicals, no harmful residue, minimum space requirements

The system for conveyor belt disinfection radiates the surfaces of the belts with 253.7 nm UV-C light. This spectrum effectively and reliably kills germs without creating ozone. The system is located under the belt when it is moving in reverse, so that disinfection happens with each revolution.


Operating costs
Active power in watts
it is possible to design the system for any revolution speed
Width in mm
dependent on the belt’s width
Height in mm
dependent on the belt’s width
Length in mm
dependent on the belt’s width
Lamp operating hours
Power rating / power consumption in watts
120-280 W
Supply voltage
230 V ± 10 %, 50 ... 60 Hz
Length of connection cable in m

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