Cleanair Plasma 650 ST

Cleanair Plasma 650 ST

CleanAir Plasma Mobil – CAP 650 W/ST

With a filter volume of 800 m3/h, this circulating air purifier cleans spaces with a volume of up to 300 m3 very quickly and reliably. The rooms are then permanently rid of odors. Even exhaust air loaded with tobacco or cigarette smoke, stench from waste, or other organic odors can be very effectively reduced or even eliminated. The CleanAir Plasma Mobil circulating air purifier – CAP 650 W/ST (wall or floor models) – effectively destroys bacteria, yeast, and mold in the air. The system is distinguished by the use of energy-efficient EC fan technology and offers variable (fluid) speed regulation.


    Exhaust Air Purification Using Plasma – CleanAir Plasma 650ST

    In the CleanAir Plasma 650ST model, ozone is created via low temperature plasma (LTP), which then combines with the odor sources in the exhaust. Odor-carrying substances are thus oxidized. Before the air exits the plasma system, it flows over plasma electrodes and subsequently through an activated carbon filter. Any remaining ozone is thus effectively destroyed.

    • A purification system for odorous organic exhaust
    • Simple installation on the wall or on the floor near the exhaust duct
    • Retrofitting or integration into existing exhaust systems is possible


      Smoking Rooms/Cigar Lounges

      Because it is highly efficient and easy-to-use, a wide range of hotel operators have been convinced to place it not only in spa areas but also in conference rooms. Very often, the systems are located in spaces where both cigarettes and cigars are smoked.

      Conference Rooms

      In conference rooms, the interior air purifiers constantly reduce harmful substances and unpleasant odors that occur when people congregate. Those participating in the meetings feel significantly better at the end of a tough day.

      Rooms for Waste in Shopping Centers, Hotels, etc.

      Rooms containing waste are often located near parking spaces. Guests can be bothered by the stench and connect unpleasant thoughts with their visit to this type of center. Installing a wall- or floor-mounted system effectively solves the odor problem. Organic odors are neutralized.

      Cat and Dog Lovers

      If a CleanAir Plasma system is located near a cat littler box, it will protect the home from odors. At the same time, it also combats the smell of wet fur.

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