Cleanair Plasma 1500-10000

Cleanair Plasma 1500-10000

Clean Air Plasma – CAP 1500 – 10,000 m3/h – Kitchen Exhaust Purification System

The CAP CleanAir Plasma system has been designed to eliminate odors and fumes. All CAP systems have an integrated EC fan and are equipped with LTP (low temperature plasma) technology. In addition to an integrated distribution board, the system is typically provided to include a wall control unit with power switch and two-phase fan position.

CleanAir Plasma technology works according to the principle of low temperature plasma (LTP) and functions entirely without the use of chemicals. The innovative combination of several stages of filters eliminates grease and odors.

CAP systems guarantee effective odor elimination in a compact exhaust air purification unit, which is possible to situate in both indoor and outdoor areas.  “Pre-filters,” electrostatic filters, and fans are located in the first chamber; plasma units are located in the second chamber. Activated carbon is used in the third chamber.  The compact unit is a standardized piece of equipment supplied in various sizes from 1500 to 10,000 m3/h. Because the exhaust contains nearly no odors after purification, it can be discharged directly to the outside. Neither a technically complex exhaust duct system nor a network of ducts are necessary for this system.

The multi-stage system with pre-filters, electrostatic filters, plasma electrodes, and subsequent activated carbon cartridges guarantees extremely effective exhaust purification. A fan is located after the pre-filters and electrostatic filters.


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