Clean Grill Air – CGA

Clean Grill Air – CGA

The CGA purification system is especially designed for eliminating particles, soot, and smoke from charcoal grilling equipment. The CGA system is also designed to significantly reduce the amount of particle deposits in other air purification systems

The system works on the basis of circulating water, which cleans smoke, grease, and soot particles. There is a pump to circulate the water, though the system consumes only 40L/h of water (at 3 bars of water pressure). The cleaning system has a compact design and is also equipped with mechanical filters and stainless steel water trap filters. An inspection door, which is located on the front side of the device, makes it easy to replace the filters.


  • Separates ca. 95% of soot particles
  • Reduces odors by ca. 30%
  • Lowers exhaust temperature from ca. 100° to 50°C
  • Approximate pressure loss of 70 PA (at a max. of 6m/s)
  • Water consumption: 40L/h at 3 bars of water pressure


  • Cleaning system with motor-driven pump
  • Stainless steel filter
  • Stainless steel grease separator filter
  • Stainless steel nozzles
  • Heat-resistant pump protector (up to 250 degrees)
  • Drain pipe leading to the wastewater pipe – a warning light for indicating water level

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