CKA Ventilation Hood Model Compact

CKA Ventilation Hood Model Compact

Factory installation possible

Any type of ventilation hood can be equipped with a UV-C ozone system that has been tested and provided with official initial startup so that the only thing necessary on site is connection to a power source.


  • Stability: frames protect the lamps from breaking
  • Optimal use of UV light: the frames are translucent
  • Humidity protection: the frames and connecting pieces have an IP 65 rating and can withstand high air humidity
  • High-quality ECG cooling: electronic ballasts are located in a box outside the frame, protected from heat, humidity, and grease; they have a long life span and are cooled by a ventilator
  • Easy to maintain: lamps and ballasts are easy to replace
  • Easy-to-use: easy maintenance and removal of modules from the hood thanks to high-quality IP 65 connecting pieces and convenient mounting
  • Safety: the control cabinet guarantees safety according to DIN 18869-7 and automatic power connection/disconnection (minimum dependence on staff)
Many good reasons to choose oxytec systems

Well-Founded Know-How

  • Pioneering technology
  • Expert design services since 1996
  • Expertise in project planning and problem solving (use in the food, waste management, and biofuel industries; constant development)
  • Guaranteed and officially certified odor reduction of ca. 95%

Technical Advantages

  • High-quality, reliable systems
  • High-quality, high-performance ozone lamps
  • Long-lasting ozone lamps
  • DIN-compliant control and safety technology
  • Distribution board tested by TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Association), UL-approved (Underwriters Laboratories, global safety consulting and certification)
  • Satisfied customers are convinced of grease deposit elimination when fire protection covers are removed
  • We can provide references in all German and European cities
  • Various food service facilities (further references given upon request)


A purification system for exhaust heavily polluted with odor and grease
  • Effectively destroys organic particles in the exhaust that contain grease and odors
  • The system is intended for ventilation hoods, ventilated ceilings, and ducts such as those in display cooking systems – a type of experience dining “show” where dishes are prepared in front of guests; it can be any size and meets a wide range of requirements
  • Tested by TÜV (the German Technical Inspection Association), designed according to DIN 18869-7, and CE marked
  • Easy to install in existing exhaust systems


  • Commercial kitchens
  • Fast food restaurants, food stands
  • Display cooking systems
  • Bakeries


  • Significantly increased fire protection
  • The exhaust system remains free of grease deposits over the long term
  • Improves air quality – even outside the building
  • Effectively destroys bacteria and mold
  • Distinctly lowers cleaning and maintenance costs
  • A longer life span for the exhaust system
  • Offers the possibility of reusing kitchen exhaust in heat recovery systems
  • All residues are 100% biodegradable
  • Even older grease deposits are eliminated
  • Possible to install even in older exhaust systems


Standard installation components supplied by oxytec:
  • Frame with ozone lamps (modules) and integrated electronic ballasts
  • Cable for connecting the module and the distribution board (standard length: 2.0 m)
  • Safety switch with spring-loaded pressure rollers
  • Pressure switch
  • CKA-type distribution board, i.e., a control unit for installation above dropped ceilings, as well as a small control panel for wall installation
  • Safety label for the ventilation hood
  1. Exhaust air containing steam passes through the ventilation hood’s grease filter.
  2. Ozone lamps producing UV-C light convert oxygen into ozone.
  3. The ozone oxidizes grease and odor.
  4. The ventilation system and ducts remain free of grease deposits and odors.

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