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Our team is made up of specialists, engineers, chemists, and other experts with rich experience in all aspects of purifying exhaust air. Since 2004, we have been developing and selling systems for purifying and disinfecting exhaust air, interior air, surfaces, and waste water in the food service, food, and textile industries as well as in industrial sectors dealing with waste management. Our systems are also used in processes involving solvents, the medical field, and many other sectors. In the field of air purification, we also handle plasma systems and automatic chemical scrubbers.

We address each customer’s individual request in detail. Therefore, our products are constantly developing, new areas of use are being discovered, and relevant solutions are developed for each individual problem. With branches in Prague, Salzburg, Hamburg, and Zürich, our team supports the specialized demands of architects and planners and helps them meet legal requirements (e.g., emission protections, hygiene regulations, and heritage preservation). Our goal is to develop individual solutions that provide our customers with maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.


Technology – Continual Progress: The process of purification with UV-C ozone is continually being successfully adapted to meet new demands. Chemical scrubbers and biofilters – sometimes additionally combined with systems based on UV-C ozone – complete the product portfolio for treating various types of exhaust air.

Project Design and Planning: oxytec designs systems for various types of exhaust air, odors, Ges-C, formaldehyde, VOCs, and grease.

Problem Solving: oxytec provides an odor guarantee using official olfactometric measurement, which makes it possible for industrial and food service establishments to comply with even the strictest official regulations.

Automation: oxytec programs a wide variety of control and automation systems to be used in highly diverse ways in the food and chemical industries.


Planning: Each oxytec system has its dimensions specifically designed to take numerous parameters into consideration (e.g., air volume, organic or bacterial load, air speed, or temperature).

Consulting: In addition to project design and planning, oxytec provides technical consulting and access to a test system; it also organizes visits to referring customers and offers presentations to the authorities and customers.

Hygiene Management: oxytec supports companies in implementing hygiene management systems, especially in the food industry and in catering, e.g., according to the HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point).

Trials – Preliminary Test Systems: In special cases, we offer to conduct trials with our test systems to assess the possibilities of realizing concepts and processes.

Research & Development: We are constantly in the process of exchanging findings with universities and research institutes. As part of our research and development projects, we are steadily improving our technology, which also means steadily expanding the possibilities for its use, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency.

Operation & Maintenance: oxytec also offers operation and maintenance services for our equipment. The operation costs for oxytec systems are very low. The systems are generally set up to be completely automatic and controlled externally. They do not require staff supervision. Maintenance needs for these systems are minimal and generally require only a few hours per year. Many of our customers sign long-term maintenance contracts with us and therefore do not need to manage the systems themselves.

Financing: We offer various models for financing the implementation of our purification systems, including purchase, rental, and leasing as well as service contracts.

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